How music makes a difference

How music makes a difference

Who would have thought that bringing together a group of people to hear about and discuss music would have brought so much inspiration and energy to a room as it did last Wednesday at the second ever Outside the Square event in Bendigo.

When Deb Allan from Sing for Supper shared about the joy that community singing brings to so many people, about the physical benefits of singing, and the difference it has made to her brother who suffers from severe injuries following a car acident, we started to get the sense that music really does make a massive difference to individuals and whole communities.

And you could have heard a pin drop when Colin Thompson, founder of the Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival shared intimately about why he's so passionate about revving up the live music scene in Bendigo and how mentors such as the late Phil Lazenby encouraged him to go for it when others said no you can't do that in Bendigo.

Getting to the heart of what drives people to create change is what Outside the Square is all about. So too is providing new connections with people, new ideas, great conversations and just the experience of being with a group of people all up for change. We certainly achieved that on Wednesday night and we're certainly looking to do that again and again on the last Wednesday of each month!

Great conversations at Outside the Square
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